Tuesday, July 29, 2008

News from the Junkyard Empire: RNC Protest Concerts, Revolutionary Fronts, and EP's OH MY!!

Well folks, we have a lot to look forward to, and along with that comes a lot of planning and grassroots organizing. That's where you come in! If there is anyone out there who wants to help us with any of the MAJOR plans we have for the coming year, we are all ears. Everyone has something to offer, as far as we are concerned. As the saying goes - or something to this effect - never underestimate what can be accomplished by a small, focused group of people. In short: Join the JUNKYARD EMPIRE REVOLUTIONARY FRONT!!!!
Here's what we are beginning to get under way:

  1. The release of our first ever EP, Rise of the Wretched:
  • As you can see from the beautiful picture on the top of this site, our own Dan Choma (bass) has begun working on what will be the cover. Believe it or not, this is the first draft and I'm sure there will be more to come, unless we decide to just go with this one. It is after all kick-ass.
  • We are really proud of the songs we have recorded, of which there are four. So, we want to push the hell out of this EP. Ultimately, we would like to use it to gain real interest from either a label or distribution company who can put some money behind our next full length effort, which I'm sure we'll begin working on in the very near future.
    • There are many ways in which folks who dig our music can help us get it out to the world at large. And we can furnish you with copies if you have connections!
      • Give the EP to people you know who have the ability to get radio play
      • Drop the EP off to clubs in your home town
      • Request songs from the EP on radio stations! That is one of the biggest things you can do to help with getting the music out there. The tracks Alternative Energy and Complex Crooks are the ones that will have the most chance of getting played, because they are short enough. Again, we can provide any information you need in order to do this, just hit us up.
2. Announcing the ANTI-RNC TOUR!
      • Okay, so we are not going on a real "tour", not yet at least! But, what we are doing is playing just about every day or night of the convention during the four days the fascists are in town. So far, the only day we don't have a gig is September 2nd, and there is more than one offer in the making for that day. In fact, as far as we know, we may even end up playing during the day AND in the evening. We'll keep you posted on all that.
        • To find out and keep track of all our gigs for the week of September 1-4, keep checking on our Myspace site and right here on the blog.
      • How you can help us rock the hell out Saint Paul and Minneapolis during the RNC:
        1. Help us pass out flyer to advance each of the gigs. For example, we will need folks to help us pass out 100's of fliers for our September 3rd gig (or 2nd if we end up getting booked for that day and/or night) at our September 1st gig @ the Welcome to the Neighborhood Block Party.
        2. We will also need people to help us move our equipment around during the convention. From what we have heard, we will be forced to utilize big rolling carts to move our shit. And those of you who have seen us live know that we have a lot of equipment, especially Chris's big keyboard. This will mostly depend on if we get booked for a daytime thing on the 2nd. If so, we will most likely be having to move our shit all the way from Lowertown, Saint Paul to the grassy knoll at the State Capitol, which is about 1/2 mile or more - and it will likely have to be on foot!
        3. This is perhaps the most important thing: We need people to help us create a party at every place we play. We want folks to follow us for the whole tour! NO SLEEP FOR THE WICKED, DIG? We will be playing with different bands for every show, except Ill Chemistry, whom we will be jamming with on both the 1st @ the Block Party and the 4th @ Trocadero's. We want to basically bring with us like 20-50 people who want to revel in the feeling of protest and speaking truth to power for four whole days and nights!
        4. Here's something a little crazy, yet possibly necessary: In the event that one or more of us gets arrested for "inciting a riot" or what have you, we will need a group of people to send out a press release to all the local papers. This, of course, will be a promotional stunt more than anything else. Something like "free the Junkyard five" or whatever. It will be good clean fun!
3. Help us plan for future tours! This is when it gets exciting people! We are not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, but we want to make a stab of it sometime in the coming year. The UK, Germany, France, Cuba (yes, Cuba) and South America are all on our radar. Whatever advice people may have about getting ourselves to Europe is greatly appreciated. Furthermore, if you have any contacts that could be of use, please do not hesitate!

So, if after reading all of that, you want to join the JUNKYARD EMPIRE REVOLUTIONARY FRONT, simply send an email to junkyardempire@gmail.com

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