Thursday, July 10, 2008

UPDATE: Bad Ass EP on the Way!

We had a great recording session yesterday, thanks to the fine folks at McNally Smith. Except for the trombone player who was a real bitch about his solo in the tune Progression, everything went off without a hitch! hahaha For those of you who know anything about music theory and such, you will understand that no trombone player feels relaxed when he has to play a solo in the key of F# while under the musical microscope that is the studio. Alas, on the second take, he felt okay enough to let it ride, plus the rest of the band on that 9 minute track kicked some serious ass.

Overall, the whole band sounded amazing, and Brihanu laid down some truly versatile vocals. In the space of four songs, he got into spoken word, hard street rap, and straight up punk singing ala Saul Williams. You simply won't believe your ears when you hear what we recorded. Our influences that come from outside of jazz and hip-hop, like indie rock, punk, and more jam band type stuff all worked their way into this recording.

Our goal is to get this EP out before the Republican National Convention, so wish us luck.


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