Friday, August 15, 2008

Junkyard Empire added to the list of organizations supporting the March on the RNC!

September 1, 2008: March on the RNC to Stop the War

endorse today!

March on the RNC to Stop the War
Demonstrate at the Republican National Convention – September 1, 2008 – St Paul, MN

· U.S. Out of Iraq Now!
· Money for human needs, not for war
· Say no to the Republican Agenda
· Demand peace, justice and equality

On September 1, 2008, we have a unique opportunity to step onto the stage of history. The whole world will be watching as the Republicans meet to nominate their next candidate for president. We must take to the streets of St. Paul to raise our voices against the war and the occupation of Iraq. The politicians who brought us this war for oil and control of the Middle East represent an elite that will stop at nothing to build up U.S. empire. Theft, torture and murder are part and parcel of the war in Iraq. These politicians do not represent us. They have cut programs that serve our needs at home, and blame the most exploited for our hardships.

The government’s response to hurricane Katrina spoke volumes about its vision and values, its policies and plans. Racism, discrimination, and inequality placed African American families on New Orleans freeway overpasses, surrounded by floodwaters. This is one of many terrible examples of what’s wrong with this country. They attack our democratic rights, our rights to organize and our economic well being – from immigrants and the labor movement, to abortion rights and gay marriage – the Republican agenda is an anti-people agenda.

Too many times, Democratic politicians in congress have served as accomplices to this reactionary agenda of racism, poverty and war. In 2008, it’s up to us - anyone committed to peace, justice, and equality - to stand up and say no. We are building for a broad nationwide mobilization that will challenge the 2008 Republican Convention and put forward our vision for this country. We are united by a progressive, pro-people agenda, and our insistence that the U.S. leave Iraq now.

During the four-day Republican National Convention, we expect to see every progressive movement raising demands in protests on the streets of St. Paul. Whether you are building the Labor movement in Peoria, Illinois, building solidarity with Palestine, or are speaking out against the many injustices that face people at home and abroad, you should come to St. Paul for the March on the RNC to Stop the War, on Monday, September 1, 2008. Together we can have an incredible impact.

The Republicans picked Minnesota for 2008, betting that activists from around the country would just stay home. Politicians who support the continuing war in Iraq hope that we will stay quiet. Let’s prove them wrong in the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota. Together, we can change the world.

We, the undersigned, endorse the call for the March on the RNC to Stop the War, in St. Paul, Minnesota, on September 1, 2008 We demand that U.S. troops get out of Iraq. We want money for human needs, not for war. We say no to this agenda. We demand peace, justice and equality.

Anti-War Committee; AFSCME Local 3800; SDS - Univ. of Minnesota; Twin Cities Peace Campaign – Focus on Iraq (MN); Welfare Rights Committee (MN); Women Against Military Madness (MN); Action Center for Justice (NC); Action LA Coalition; Al Awda Right to Return Coalition - Chicago Chapter; Al Awda Right to Return Coalition - Omaha Chapter; Alliance for Global Justice; AlliantAction (MN); American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council; ANSWER Coalition; Arlington (MA) United for Justice with Peace and the Lexington (MA) Peace and Justice Committee; BAYAN USA Bolivarian Circle - Cincinnati; Call 'Em Out Coalition (Detroit); Campus Antiwar Network; Centro CSO (Los Angeles); Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism; Chicago Progressive Alliance; Coalition for Palestinian Rights (MN); Coalition to Protect Public Housing (Chicago); CODEPINK; Colombia Action Network; Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES); Communist Party-USA (MN); Communities United Against Police Brutality (MN); Dekalb Interfaith Network for Peace and Justice; Democratic Socialists of America, Twin Cities; Evanston Neighbors for Peace (IL); Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST); FIST (Raleigh, NC); FMLN of Minnesota; Freedom Road Socialist Organization; General Federation of Workers Councils and Unions of Iraq; George W. Bush Marrionette Puppet Show (GA); Green Party, 4th Congressional District/St. Paul; Green Party, 5th Congressional District; Gus Hall Action Club (MN); International Action Center; International Socialist Organization; International Solidarity Movement, Chicago Chapter; Iraq Peace Action Coalition (MN); IWW, Twin Cities General Membership Branch; Junkyard Empire (; Latin America Solidarity Coalition; Latinos Against War (Los Angeles); Lexington Peace and Justice Committee (MA); LIBERTY TREE Foundation for the Democratic Revolution; 49. Living Wage Avengers (MN); Low Income People Organized for Power (LIPOP) - Duluth, MN; Madison Infoshop; Madison Raging Grannies; March 10th Committee; March 25 Coalition - Los Angeles; May 1 Movement for Worker and Immigrant Rights; Mexico-US Solidarity Network; Military Families Speak Out - Minnesota; MN Cuba Cmte ; MN Immigrant Rights Action Coalition; MN Women's Earth Brigade; Montevideo Area Peace Seekers(MN); National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera; National Immigrant Solidarity Network; National Network On Cuba; Neighbors for Peace (Evanston, IL); Network in Solidarity with the People of the Philippines (NISPOP); Neverwood Collective; New England United (MA); New Jersey Solidarity - Activists for the Liberation of Palestine; Nicaragua Solidarity Committee - Chicago; Northland Anti-War Coalition; Palestine Solidarity Group - Chicago; Pan-African Roots; Peace Action Wisconsin; Peace and War in the Heartland; Peoples Republic of the North Star (ML); Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign; Potluck Democracy; Progressive Students of Milwaukee; Radio Free Maine; Rainbow Affinity Tribe; 82. Reno World Can’t Wait; Revolting Queers; RNC Welcoming Committee; School of the Americas Watch; Seeds of Peace (MT); Socialist Alternative; Southsiders Together Organized for Power (Chicago); Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) - National; SDS - Macalester College; SDS – Ohio State; SDS - Tuscarora High School; SDS - Univ. of Alabama-Tuscaloosa; SDS - UCLA; SDS - UIC; SDS - UNC-Asheville; SDS - UNC-Chapel Hill; SDS - UNC-Charlotte; SDS - Univ. of North Dakota; Students for Peace - University of Minnesota, Duluth; Students for Social Justice - Oakton Community College, Des Plains, IL; Students for Workers' Rights at SUNY Albany; SWEEPMN; Teamster Local 743; Troops Out Now Coalition; Twin Cities TransMarch Collective (MN); Unconventional Action Chicago; United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ); Veterans for Peace Chapter 80; Veterans for Peace, Chapter 115 (MN); Veterans for Peace, Chapter 27 (MN); Voices for Creative Nonviolence; War Resisters League; We The People United Bangla Desh; Welfare Warriors; Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice; Youth Against War and Racism; 8th Day Center for Justice; 1000 Grandmothers… Individuals: John Dear, S.J.; Marlys Fox; Jonathan Hutto; Mark Lynch; Cindy Sheehan; Lynne Stewart; Dr. Cornel West

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