Friday, August 22, 2008

Special Early Release of Rise of the Wretched on September 2nd

Hey people! Hopefully you are getting as excited as we are about the upcoming mayhem of the Republican National Convention! There are so many amazing shows to check out during the week of September 1-4. As you all know by now, we are doing a big outdoor show on September 2nd in Lowertown Saint Paul, as part of the WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD Block Party, put on by the Black Dog Cafe and Wine Bar. We'll be sharing the bill with some very heavy groups, such as Los Nativos, Kill the Vultures, M.anifest, Ill Chemistry, and of course the one and only Boots Riliey and the Coup!

So we are going to use this momentum and the uniqueness of that moment to do a special Pre-release Show of Rise of the Wretched. We will be handing out the first 100 copies of our EP for free, but ONLY at that show! But that's not it: Every single one of those CDs are going to be numbered 001-100, so you will have a truly unique item from an equaly unique show. This EP, unlike our last full length CD Reclaim Freedom, will be done in a truly grassroots way:
- We recorded the songs at McNally Smith College of Music as part of a special student program, so all these tracks were actually recorded by students in the recording arts program there. Big ups to them!
- Our own Dan Choma has done all the artwork
- We will have a very special friend of ours writing the liner notes
- We are burning the CD's all by ourself, spending countless hours!
- We will putting the stickers on the outside of the CD sleeve ourselves, and the stickers themselves were printed at a local print shop too!
- We will be assembling the CD's all by ourselves and distributing them that way too.

Once we are through the first 200 EPs, we may change our tactic, but for now we are doing everything we can do "in house." A very limited number of corporations are making money from us on this one!

So be a part of the excitement and get your numbered CD for free on September 2nd! See you there.

Our official EP release party will be at the Nomad World Pub on Saturday, October 11th. And you can expect some additional surprises there!

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