Monday, September 22, 2008

Assessing the times through music and politics! Live @ the Black Dog

In the words of aesthetics guru and economics master Jacques Attali: "Music is the mysterious fortune teller of times to come." True? False? Nonsensical? Prescient? Let's talk about it.

Tomorrow night at the Black Dog Cafe and Wine Bar in Lowertown, Saint Paul @ 7pm, join MC Brihanu and myself (Christopher Robin Cox), along with Anthony Cox, Indigo, Jim Forrey (of Ripple Effect and Substance), Dean Magraw, and Jean Rochard of Nato Records for a critical debate and conversation about the role of music in today's society, its effect upon political discourse in America if any, and perhaps most importantly, the intersection between music and politics. The goal is to make an assessment of the times, through the lens of music and politics.

Needless to say, this is not only a very important conversation for us to have in times like these, but exceeding interesting as well! We hope the crowd is filled with people from numerous backgrounds, so please tell your friends. If you can't make it, please try to send someone else in your stead.

If music is allowed to be relegated only to concert halls and bars, as a result of the tyranny of the bottom line, society will surely suffer. It already has begun to suffer greatly, in my opinion, from a general ambivalence toward music as a live performance art. We have one of the last great live music scenes left in America, and we must stand up and fight to keep it. The way we do that is by showing how important music is to society at every level of discourse and activity.


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