Thursday, November 27, 2008

Forget about Capital for Just a Few Weeks

On the day of Thanksgiving, I could write a long blog about how American explorers systematically destroyed Native American tribes. I could bitch and whine about how we are entering the fourth quarter, ready to participate in a celebration of capitalism at the expense of culture. I could complain about Paulson attempting to be God and King of America at the same time.

But for today, I won't.

Today I woke up on an inflatable mattress surrounded by friends and family. My folks house is awash with energy. There's gospel music pouring out of the kitchen alongside the scent of fresh eggs. There's crazy videogame music coming from the television room as well as my siblings screaming at each other in comical accents. My pops is out adding to his already impressive bird feeder collection. My ma is in the kitchen smiling as she makes everyone food for breakfast.

It's tough to feel anything but blessed right now. And I'm alright with that. With all the shit that is hitting the fan right now, (and trust me, I have not forgotten that shit is hitting the fan) it is often times easy to forget that there remains beautiful things in this world such as family and friends.

So lets not forget. Tomorrow will mark the beginning of likely the worst 4th quarter we have seen in a long long time. After that, most likely, the unemployment rate will rise as corporate America punishes its workers for the problem it created. People will be angry and grumpy as they try to celebrate capitalism and Christmas at the same time and find the capitalism part increasingly difficult to afford.

So lets forget about capitalism for a while, eh? What would happen if we just ignored the incoming greed and mass hysteria that is coming, and focused on everything that we have always known is important? We would have five weeks of celebrating culture, family, and the people we love. No one would be the greatest, no one would get the BEST present, but perhaps, everybody could experience what I felt when I woke up this morning, the feeling of peace someone gets when they know they are loved.

And know this: you can't buy that present at a mall.

-Dan Choma is bassist and composer in the Twin Cities area. He is currently in Rochester with his folks drinking an impressive amount of coffee and making certain his dog Moots doesn't eat his mother's Thanksgiving Turkey.

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