Monday, November 3, 2008

The Wretched Rising: A concert celebrating the people's opposition to fascism

Greetings fellow revolutionaries of all types! We will be hosting two great bands, both from New York, on Sunday, November 16th @ the Black Dog Cafe and Wine Bar, that fine intimate venue Sara and Jean so warmly run.

Broadcast Live and their traveling brethren Taina Asili y La Rebelde will be stopping in as part of their US tour, and Junkyard Empire is proud to host them.

In fact, they will even be crashing at the new house of Dan (bass), Christopher (trombone) and Szilvia (Chris' wife), sometimes referred to as the Junkyard Empire house. [To be honest though, we are brainstorming some project name ideas for the property, such as the Urban Earth Project.] Much more on that later. For now, we just want to make sure you are hyped about this little intimate concert.

Now, we know it is a Sunday, but don't let that stop you. First of all, music will start at 8pm, so it will not be a ridiculously late night. Second, the door charge is going to be nothing more than a donation-based sliding scale, so whatever you can afford gets you in the door. And third, it is quite rare for three socially and politically progressive live bands to share the stage together, especially in Saint Paul, when it is not some kind of festival or fund raiser. So please take advantage of the change to see these two great bands, and us of course!

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