Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thoughts of a radical trombonist

Chris here. Just thought I'd let the people who read the Junkyard Empire blog know that I have decided to resurrect my old habit of blogging. A few times over the last year or so I have blogged about Junkyard Empire and various other subjects here, but since I want to get back into writing more often - in an effort to regain and then ultimately improve upon my writings skills - I have revamped my old blog. It's title is "thoughts of a radical trombonist". There's a lot of room for interpretation in that title, or so I'd like to think. There are many meanings of the word "radical", depending upon the lens one views it through, and utilizing the word "thoughts" keeps it sufficiently vague. This is all on purpose, and all part of my plan to take over the world and shape it based upon a utopian future. You can see what I have to write about at THOUGHTS OF a radical trombonist

When there are posts relevant to what we do in Junkyard Empire, I'll post them here on the Junkyard Empire blog. Until then, see you over at the other virtual parking place for our thoughts.

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Junkyard Empire said...

Hey guys,

Just had a thought. Since the folks at Media Roots are in the process of building us an amazing blog site that we can have tons of fun with, it might be worth all of us putting together our own individual blogs and linking to each other. Then when the big professional blog is up, we can all link to that too!! Imagine all the linking!