Thursday, September 10, 2009

concern, in one sentence or less.

with our politicians cat-fighting, a general public less and less sure of science and more confident in religious superiorities, wars being waged over "good" and "evil",  universities of higher learning  promoting task repetition and conformity over thought and innovation, and lobby interests blocking urgent and necessary environmental, financial, and health-rights reform while the earth runs low on viable oil  and water reserves, food production abilities and the globalization of bottom-line self depleting capitalism has brought about an international market collapse and the economists, bought out by the central bank, promote more "free-market" patches while private interests throw more money and power at a massive smear campaign of one of the only promising long-term solutions - otherwise known as socialism - that has successfully convinced people that massive human-rights and international law violating corporations are better for the people than strong government policies that actually recognize and defend the value of the individual,  corporations that have amassed a great majority of the worlds total wealth through exploiting the poor - all while an extremely weak attempt at health care reform in the united states has ignited racism and violent intolerance while showcasing massive ignorance in our (dis)abilities of reading comprehension and an inability of intelligent and productive debate both in our elected leaders and in the general public, with an absurd focus on the relatively menial cost to begin restructuring these problems when record funds are being spent on an illegal ideological and imperialist war in the middle east; i am growing less and less confident in the ability of the human species to survive the twenty-first century.

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