Saturday, October 10, 2009

10 Things a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Can Do

by Joel Wendland

1. Stay committed to the timetable for withdrawal from Iraq.
2. Reject calls for a "surge" in Afghanistan, and draw up plans for eliminating military involvement there.
3. Move forward a realistic pace process in Israel and Palestine.
4. Engage multilaterally and unhypocritically to enforce the provisions of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, i.e., provide energy alternatives for countries seeking nuclear power and reduce and eliminate the nuclear weapons arsenals of the nuclear states (even the US).
5. Engage honestly and cooperatively with countries that do not share the ideological or political or economic values of the US capitalist class (e.g. Cuba, Venezuela, China, etc.).
6. Break with the free trade ideology and neoliberal trade policies that enforce conditions that are hostile to working families, farmers and the poor in any country.
7. Use every ounce of "political capital" to reform, as quickly as possible, modes of economic production to stop climate change through carbon reduction, investments in alternative energy resources, and promotion of a "green" economy.
8. Promote human rights globally, but refuse to use the issue as an excuse for unilateral intervention in other countries.
9. Promote democratic rights and civil rights over the private profit motives of capital.
10. Reject global appeals to end economic stimulus projects in favor of monetary, trade and public investment policies that create jobs as quickly as possible.

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