Friday, July 4, 2008

Independance Day: Independence from what?

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!! Oh, but what are we actually independent of? Britain. Well, there is that. What else is there, really, that we are independent of? What are we actually celebrating?

As an alternative to what Independence Day has come to mean for our governmental leaders - independence from responsibility to the effects of our policies around the world; independence from responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians; independence from prosecution by the thieves and thugs in the Executive Branch; independence from the responsibility to provide for the basic health, education, and protection of our citizens; independence of all outside influence on the American empire - we will playing a couple of sets tonight at the Bullpen (formerly Fatso's) from about 8pm-10pm tonight.

We, as a band, declare our independence from all things associated with America empire, American fascistic tendencies, American corporatocracy, American hegemony, American exceptionalism, American "free market" capitalism, American racism, American sexism, American chauvinism, American greed, and all the other pointless anti-humanistic tendencies that America has bestowed on the world since our country was taken over by right wing, fascist ideologues!

Tonight, we will drink beer, do shots, smoke a little pot maybe, eat hamburgers and hotdogs, and hang out with our brothers and sisters to watch the fireworks, just like everyone else. And we will declare our liberation from the need to feel inferior or unpatriotic because we dare to question the authority of the United States of America.

8pm @ the Bullpen (formerly Fatso's)
119 North 4th St.
Downtown Minneapolis
2 for 1 drinks!!

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