Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Republican National Convention........

..... has no idea what it is up against in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Sure, we have our fair share of chauvinistic flag wavers and scary patriots, but what most people don't know - or at least conveniently forget - is that Saint Paul and Minneapolis is home to some of the most progressive people in this country. Hubert Humphrey and Paul Wellstone (assassinated in order for Norm Coleman to get elected to the Senate) both hail from here. The tradition of "prairie progressivism" as it has been called throughout history, is still alive and well in the Twin Cities, and it is going to rear up like a mad thoroughbred in early September during the Republican National Convention.

Needless to say, we here in the Junkyard Empire are looking forward with great enthusiasm to participating in the radical festivities around the Excel Energy Center, which is right across the street from a homeless shelter; about 1/8 mile from the Capital steps; less than 5 miles from some of the most progressive private colleges in the country; and mere blocks away from huge amounts of people who truly pride themselves on their progressive activism. I know for a fact that my neighborhood has at least a dozen "safe places" for activists to hang their hat during the protests! In other words, there isn't a chance in Hell that the Saint Paul police department, nor anyone else can completely shut out the voices of dissent in and around Saint Paul during those early September days and nights. And we will be lending our minds, bodies, and talent to the effort as often as possible during that time, free speech zone or not, dig?

So far, we know we will be playing at the Black Dog Cafe BLOCK PARTY, which will take place the evening of August 31st and all day and into the evening on September 1st. The stage will be somewhere near the coffeehouse itself, which is on the corner of 4th street and Prince in Lowertown, just across the way from where the Farmer's Market is on the weekends.

We are also talking with McNally Smith College about playing on one of their stages throughout the city as well.

And in case that's not enough, we are also talking with Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records about doing a show at the Blue Nile in Minneapolis on the evening of September 3rd, something we will possibly call "REAL AMERICA". Still very tentative at this point though.

In the end, you can DEFINITELY expect to see Junkyard Empire speaking truth in the form of live hip-hop and jazz on the streets of the Twin Cities during the Republican National Convention, even if we have to it with Brian screaming through a megaphone!


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