Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Theft of the Commons Tour + the Occupation of Freedom Plaza = 2 good months for Junkyard Empire

First off, please excuse our long delay in keeping up our blog. In general, it is Bryan Berry or myself (Christopher) who write on the blog, so if you are pissed, go tell Brihanu, Graham, or Steve. Anyhoo, I wanted to put up a little update as to the life and times of Junkyard Empire. After all, this project has been in place since late 2005, believe it or not.

We are very excited about the THEFT OF THE COMMONS TOUR, which our friends No Bird Sing (featuring our drummer Graham O'Brien) kindly invited us to join for the West Coast dates, along with the one and only Kristoff Krane. If you haven't heard No Bird Sing and Kristoff Krane, you should go do that right now. We will be playing in San Diego, doing a label showcase in Hollywood, and playing San Francisco and Portland! To learn more about the dates, the tour, etc, just go here:

As if finally getting out to the West Coast - where I now live by the way (in Portland) - was not enough, we are going to be playing what simply has to become one of the biggest Washington, DC protest events in decades. STOP THE MACHINE! CREATE A NEW WORLD! is a rally and occupation of Freedom Plaza beginning on October 6th. To find out more about the rally, our demands, and the amazing list of musicians who will be performing, go to This is the kind of protest we have been waiting for, trust me.

And finally, if you know anyone in San Diego, San Francisco, or Portland, let them know that Junkyard Empire is coming through town with two other amazing bands from Minnesota. You could call it the Cold Front.

In Solidarity,

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