Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Junkyard Empire is Coming to OCCUPY YOUR CAMPUS!

Christopher here everyone. Here's the deal: College campuses are one of the last remaining places in America where primarily young, striving minds are in the majority. Those are the people who simply must become the leaders of this movement. I mean, Hell, I'm going to apply to graduate school for political science just so that I can organize on college campuses a little easier. Junkyard Empire wants to play that role too, and we have some good connections who will help us do it. But here's the thing, we need students on these campuses to be our eyes and ears, to let us know what campuses have Occupy events and other such events where Junkyard can not only play a show, but help organize and do outreach for the action. We are musician/organizers, you dig?

Are you a student organizer? Involved in on-campus protest movements? Give a shit about what you do in this world, beyond it's worth on the capitalistic market? Are you simply sick and fucking tired of all the bullshit this country's leadership and corporate hegemonic masters shove down your throat while you are trying to further your mind? Here's what you do: OCCUPY YOUR CAMPUS. Talk to us about helping you plan an event. We will be in NY in February, which will be the first in what we hope will be a monthly show at a campus somewhere in the country. This idea will be fleshed out further as I solidify the plan and run it by the guys, but for now, we are collecting names and contact information from folks who want to help us put together the information we need in order to plan something. Obviously, we'd love to play a regular old college show, but it would be much much better if it were an Occupation. Here are cities/regions we are looking to come to:
-Minnesota (January)
-New York/Massachusetts/Vermont/Connecticut (February)
-Washington, DC (week of March 30th)
-California, Oregon, Washington (April/May)

If you have any leads, please send us an email or contact us through one of our networks. junkyardempire@gmail.com

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